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Montreal Neuropsychology Center

"... Dear Dr Grigorova,

I wanted to share some amazing news. On Monday, we finally met with my son’s school to agree on a plan d’intervention. Empowered with the insights of your comprehensive assessment, he finally feels some control over his school life. Along with the long dose Concerta and good family discussions, he is using the new study strategies that match his ADHD-inattentive type style and his teachers are noticing the difference.

Today he had an important dictée for French class and earned a grade of 89%!! He has never received more than 26%. He is inspired and renewed and a very happy 14 year old.
My only regret is that we didn’t come see you sooner, rather than assuming his challenges were just a ‘second language’ problem. Thank you again for all your help!..."

Cecilia M., Montreal

Montreal Neuropsychology Center

"... Dr. Grigorova is an excellent doctor, a true expert in the field of ADHD, which is difficult to find. Posed rapidly the right diagnostic for our son, and helped design and implement an action plan that is working really well so far. Has made a positive impact in our lives and, more importantly, in our son’s life…”

Maria B., Montreal

Montreal Neuropsychology Center

"...I am very pleased with Dr. Grigorova’s services! She is very professional and knowledgeable but also warm and great with kids. She assessed our daughter for ADHD and learning disabilities and her recommendations made a huge difference! She looked at our kid as a whole person and considered every aspect of her life – school, home, diet, friendships, even exercise routines. After a couple of not-so-helpfull assessment experiences I felt that I was being listened to. I highly recommend Dr. Grigorova!…”

Peter B., Brossard

Montreal Neuropsychology Center
Montreal Neuropsychology Center

Sophie, 6 years old

Montreal Neuropsychology Center

... We had our two children evaluated at the MNC clinic and received excellent service. We were impressed with the quality of the written report and found  the  recommendations to be detailed and useful. Thank you!..."


Theresa A., Westmount

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