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Neuropsychologist, Founder of MNC Clinic

Dr. Grigorova is a neuropsychologist/psychologist, member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec (OPQ). She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from McGill University (accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, and the independent Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System). Her clinical background is diverse – Dr. Grigorova trained in developmental neuropsychology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. She has completed a clinical internship in geriatric neuropsychology at the Memory Clinic, Jewish General Hospital, and another internship at the Montreal Neurological Institute, Epilepsy clinic. She was a post-doctorate fellow at the Neurology Department of Boston University Medical School. Dr. Grigorova's research is in the area of psychoneuroendocrinology – or the study of how brain and hormones interact to affect behaviour. She was interested in how steroid hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) affect working memory in women. Dr. Grigorova works with children, adults, and their families. She has taught child development and clinical assessment courses at McGill University and Vanier CEGEP. Dr. Grigorova is an accomplished speaker and continues to give conferences, workshops and presentations to other professionals, corporations, teachers, and parents.

She loves the outdoors and is an amateur photographer.

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